Regardless of the size or nature of your repair, Apollo Welding can take care of it.  We have portable welders for big jobs off site or, if you can carry or load it, bring it into the shop for a free estimate.

 REPAIR Services

Whether you need structural steel for your new home, a stairway, a railing or perhaps a designer gate for your estate,, Apollo's craftsmen can provide high quality solutions.  We have ongoing relationships with several contractors in our area who use us exclusively.

With Shop Drawings in hand, our metal fabricating craftsmen  can produce high quality products using MIG, TIG and Stick Welding, plasma cutting, sawing, grinding and drilling.

The tolerances are close, and the quality is excellent. We can provide primed surfaces, painted surfaces,  powder coated surfaces, and galvanized surfaces depending upon your

application of the product we build

Design services in the metal fabrication business involves both aesthetics and structural integrity,  We can design your beam clips, column bases, kickers, lintels, columns in accordance with your engineered drawings.  Our Shop Drawings are clear understandable and error free.  If you can draw it we can build it out of steel.


                           We have done large scale commercial Projects for Local Corporations such as  

                           Seagate, Amgen, Sun Construction, Boulder Brands, Oracle, and  Level III, Ball Aero

                           Space,  Micro-Soft and Lockheed Martin.  Our Corporate customer base keeps

                            coming back to ask for our services on an on-going basis.


INSTitutional, Gov't

                            Apollo Welding is very proud of our work in the Institutional and Governmental

                             Market.  We have done several projects for the City of Longmont including the

                             Pavillion at City Park.  We just finished a project for Tri-State Generation and

                             Transmission, CO and are currently pursuing a project for the National Energy

                              Research Laboratory (NREL) and the City of Boulder.  Institutional purchasers of

                              our services like the pricing of our services and the dependability we bring to

                              each project ,not to mention our guarantee of satisfaction.  If its not right for any

                              reason, we re-do it at our cost until you are happy.




 DESIGN  Services


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